Scientific Management, Mass Production and Quality Control for Manufacturing : ENTEE

What does manufacturing means? Is manufacturing as simple as producing products or goods for a given market or as simple as processing a given input or raw materials into an output or what we call a product? The answer is No, because a good and successful manufacturing must have a good system of management and process with a good quality to be called a real Manufacturing. With the different theories and concepts come up together the manufacturing have evolved. The scientific management, mass production and quality control have brought us and have given us the real standard for a good and successful manufacturing.

As the father of Scientific Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor had come up with the rationalization of the production process to form an analysed and synthesized workflow. Scientific management also focus on the initiative of every workman in the workplace that had been given the most qualified job to produce proper outputs.

Mass Production also plays an important role in the formation of a good manufacturing standard because Henry Ford had formulated the system of producing large amounts and quantity of standardized products for a large size of market and consumers. Mass Production is a repetitive flow of production that can produce millions of product that are a duplicate of each other for a large scale of market.

Duran, Deming and Feiganbaum had form the Quality Control that set the quality standard for a manufacturing. Quality control is a system by which products and services are inspected and evaluated to determine whether they meet expected levels of overall quality. To ensure that products consistently meet predetermined standards of quality. Total quality management seeks the excellence and maximum efficiency in all areas of the production of goods and services.

As a conclusion, I can say that manufacturing is nothing without these concepts and manufacturing will never be the manufacturing that we know without the Scientific Management of Frederick Taylor, the Mass Production of Henry Ford and the developed Quality Control and Management by Deming, Juran and Feiganbaum. Manufacturing to properly work needs a synthesized workflow, production of large scale of product for large markets and to produce products consistently that meet predetermined standards of quality.



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